Craftsmanship & Quality

White Feathers Craftsmanship & Quality

White Feathers’ offer more than just comfort and style, our furniture also embodies strength and durability.

White Feathers’ products are put together using materials of the highest quality. We handpick leather from renowned tanneries; employing top quality kiln dried solid hard wood and thick plywood for a sturdy structure, high tensile continuous pocketed coil springs and elastic webbings in the base for firm support as well as ultra resilient polyurethane foam with polyester fiber fill for true resilience against everyday use.

At White Feathers, we employ only the finest materials to ensure that each work of art is a sound investment for anyone seeking the ultimate culmination of style, comfort and durability.

Each work of art that comes out of our factories is a testament to true craftsmanship. It is our attention to detail that sets us apart from others. In creating comfort and style that lasts, we subject each individual piece of furniture through a meticulous process of material selection, which are then cut to precise measurements by the industry’s finest experts and state of the art technology at White Feathers.

When quality is concurred, White Feathers rank at the top with the very best. We are continuously striving towards total quality management, pushing the bar higher, in search of new ways to achieve the highest degree of excellence possible.And because of our tireless pursuit of quality and innovation, in 2003, we received the ISO 9001 for distinction in quality management. Then again in 2004, we passed an audit that examined our labour, social and quality compliances.

We subject our furniture to a thorough inspection at every stage and track them through to final assembly by electronically tagging each piece. They are then carefully packaged for shipment to ensure that quality is maintained and delivered on time.